Beyond Great Photography

    Tim Rowland graduated from Wheeler High School in Wheeler Mississippi and quickly pursued a photography degree, with a minor in marketing, from the University of North Alabama (UNA).


    Tim's 25 years of photography experience spans a wide range of areas: newspaper, magazine, portrait retouching, printing, prepress and commercial.


    Interest in photography developed early for Tim. In grammar school, he helped the school photographer, Bill Ramsey (Scott's father) move equipment.


    Tim's shooting career starting in high school by working for the annual. The career followed him to Northeast Community College and continued to the publications staff at UNA.


    After graduation, Tim's work included newspaper, portrait and school work.


    Tim then worked as a supervisor for a graphics/printing company. While working for a Memphis-based color-house, he was taught Photoshop retouching and digital photography.


Then he joined the PUI family.


"I strive to show a product at it's best," Tim commented, "to generate the most sales for our customer".


Tim lives in New Albany with his wife Margaret and son Jacob.